Family Support

AJ And Friends deliver family support by providing a range of services and resources to support the health and social care needs of children and their families. Family support in children’s health and social care refers to the assistance and services provided to families to help them navigate and cope with various challenges and issues that may impact the well-being of children. Here are some ways AJ And Friends deliver family support.

Parenting Programs

AJ And Friends offer parenting programs and workshops to help parents and caregivers develop effective parenting skills, improve communication with their children, and learn positive discipline techniques.

Counselling Services

AJ And Friends provide counselling services for families to address emotional, behavioural, or mental health issues that may be affecting children and their parents.

Support Groups

AJ And Friends facilitate support groups for families to connect with others facing similar challenges, share experiences, and provide mutual support.

Respite Care

AJ And Friends offer respite care services to give parents a break from caregiving responsibilities and allow them to recharge and take care of themselves. 

Financial Assistance

AJ And Friends provide financial assistance, connect families with resources to help meet their basic needs, such as food, housing, or medical expenses

Educational Workshops

AJ And Friends organize educational workshops on topics related to children’s health, safety, and development to empower parents with knowledge and skills to support their children

Home Visits

AJ And Friends conduct home visits to assess the needs of families, provide support, and offer guidance on creating a safe and nurturing environment for children

By offering a comprehensive range of family support services, AJ And Friends help to strengthen families, improve children’s well-being, and create a supportive community for families in need. 


Great question! Families usually are referred to us by social services for respite care or the short break stays at Hoylake. 

Another great question.  This one’s not as strait forward as we’d like it to be for you. Initially you must self-refer into social services children with disabilities team. The website is here: 

Money matters! Usually social care, health and education fund children’s care here. Often, we are commissioned by the local authorities to provide high quality care across the North West. Some families pay privately and may be in receipt of personal health budgets or direct payments. Apply here for direct payments online:

We rely on our community voice to help us achieve our goals of reaching even more families! Our community volunteers bring a wealth of support to the overall services.  To volunteer simply email us on:

Great question again.  We welcome applications by email.  Simply email your C.V to us with a covering note of your relevant experience strait to us on: 
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