Welcome to AJ And Friends Home Care Support


At AJ And Friends, we are dedicated to providing high-quality domiciliary care and home care support to our VIPS (Very Important People). Regulated by the Care Quality Commission and rated as outstanding, we take pride in delivering exceptional care that is tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals living with neurodiverse conditions, profound and multiple disabilities including communicational and sensory impairments.  


Our specialized care services cater to children and young adults living with neurodiverse conditions, as well as individuals with disabilities, learning delays, and profound and multiple disabilities. From birth through adulthood, we offer personalized support that focuses on enhancing the quality of life and promoting independence for each individual. 


At AJ And Friends, we uphold our core values of peace, purpose, empathy, accountability, community, and excellence in every aspect of our care provision. We integrate these values into our approach to caregiving, ensuring that each interaction is meaningful, respectful, and empowering for our VIPS. 


Our care is structured around five key domains – nurture, purpose, challenge, structure, and engagement. By nurturing the unique abilities of each individual, providing purposeful support, offering appropriate challenges, maintaining a structured environment, and promoting engagement, we create a holistic care experience that fosters growth, development, and well-being. 


We celebrate the strengths and abilities of our VIPS, focusing on what makes them unique and special. Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered to live their best lives. We are the “face of change” in the world of complex care, pathfinding a purpose led, holistic and qualitative approach to how we provide support to families across the North-West of England.  


Whether you are a potential service user, a commissioner, a social services professional, or a caregiver seeking support, AJ And Friends is here to provide compassionate, person-cantered care that makes a positive difference in the lives of our VIPS.

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